No Joy in Mr Clean’s House After ‘Visaranai’
Kishore Te, who bagged his second National Award for editing in Visaranai, would perhaps never know about it.
That moment you realise Fidel Castro wrote back to you
Even as the world mourns the loss of the charismatic leader, two little girls in interior Tamil Nadu hop about, knowing little how their lives are sewn together with the fabric of admiration for Castr

“There was this woman who would ask me whether her old-age pension had arrived. Finally, when I reached her house to...

Posted by The New Indian Express on Friday, July 10, 2020
Bereaved mother helps ‘unwanted’ child to come to the world
Days after giving birth to a stillborn child, 20-year-old Deepa helps co-passenger deliver baby; mother abandons the child, but Deepa takes care of it as her own
Anbumani’s ‘fire’ tattoo: An ego trip or new politics in the offing?
When PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss got a tatoo on his arm, depicting agni kalasam, a war of words on its symbolism was but a natural outcome.