My friends tell me that my Journal Entries have a lot of errors, which should not be the case. However, I feel the errors are only natural, as I don’t edit the passages.

The rationale behind leaving the passages intact without even a second glance is very simple. These are not considered opinions, nor are these distillation of a prolonged thought process, but a natural outpouring. Here I don’t look for smoothness of diction or word etiquette, but for a very sublime effect: a medium for expressing myself. The very reason I started this journal was to record events of magnitude or otherwise that occur in the life of an ordinary man, untouched by fame and oblivious to glory: a common man. The thoughts given words here amount to, or for, nothing. They are just words, bereft of ideals, worth or implications, for I believe for any opinion to take birth, there is an ingredient commonly required: context. Here I'm the context and I myself am the implication. Hence, for a casual reader these pages merit no more than a casual glance and little afterthought, for they get neither the context nor the implication, for these words create a barrier that cannot be surmounted by casual acquaintance or passing civility.

Were I to edit these passages here, it would have been a personal loss of purity of emotions. I’m constrained by my own imposition of character, of truthfulness and careless abandon to give a free reign to my hands to type out what I see in commonplace occurrences. If I were to edit my own words, they would lose a natural ease of flow and a charm, inherent in them by birth. Cultivation of diction in deep recesses of intellect as glorious a task as is it arduous, but when it becomes a compulsion of character, man loses his natural grace and turns into a social animal bound by seemingly meaningless conventions based on someone else’s convictions. The errors here are necessary, for they mirror the faults I carry as a human. They don’t shield me from the glare of scrutinizing eyes and seldom protect me from my own laborious nit-picking. I am free to commit mistakes here with impunity, for there is no one to fault me for my natural deficiencies.

Anyway, a rant has to end or else it becomes an insightful thesis of ills plaguing the mind. Had another hectic day at office, and it seemed as though the day would end, but the day's work would remain intact. Mercifully, the work got over right on dot and I was able to rush home just in time to be on time. Home was a complete mess, courtesy Duke and Caesar. If it was Duke pooping and peeing across the hall, Caesar managed to scissor newspapers into such small bits as to leave a shredder ashamed. Was planning to watch a movie but the power gods thought otherwise and plunged my area into darkness. So here I’m with Duke and Caesar for company, negotiating darkness with not even a candle. Time to retire for the night I guess.