I have brought the devil home. As if destroying my shoes and sundries was not enough, the Duke has unleashed a reign of terror, biting and maiming anything in his way.

The little fellow is one bad dog. He even managed to scare off Caesar with his sabre sharp teeth and penchant for biting at muscular parts. The Duke is, I guess, the direct descendant of devil. However, he redeems himself by cosily placing his tiny body in the lap of his victims to retire for a few minutes. Pain notwithstanding, I’m enjoying the puppyhood of Duke, as I don’t remember much of Caesar's. Though it’s not a gainly sight to see all scarred legs and hands and shoes, it definitely is a lovable experience. Duke’s brother is with the young chaps from office. I hear he’s a monk-like character, peaceful and calm, throwing no tantrum or biting spree. I don’t know why I end up with devils. Caesar was never a decent chap to begin with, but he used to listen. With Duke, it’s like talking to a wall: you say what you want to, but it does not budge.

Brother is in the US; I have to chip in for him. It’s quite a hectic schedule now as I have to make sure that I reach home earlier than usual, feed the two inmates, look after mother and do household chores. These are over and above my normal routine. Office was fun today though. Finished off the work well ahead of time and came home. Wish everyday was like this. However, maintaining physical and mental discipline to carry out the domestic chores and the intellectual pursuits is wanting. A major reason for this ailment is consuming food after returning home. I make do without sustenance for the better part of the day, but at nights I partake in dinner. What I have found is that the day after I consume food late at night, I wake up by the time sun has settled into the middle leg of its daily schedule. I think the late-night binge is doing my cause more harm than good. Moreover, of late, I’m not consuming my quota of salads. The green used to keep me active and sharp throughout the day. The sole vestige of my disciplined past is the consumption of fruits or juice. Need to beat discipline back into my life. I think this is the perfect opportunity. If I manage to bring a semblance of discipline into my life, it would stand me in good stead in future.

Need to be more serious with my reading and writing. Both are skills that I very much cherish and not adding to their stock would have a very dangerous impact on my future endeavours. I need to bear in mind that what I intend to achieve is something so sublime that there’s no glory in having tried; I need to enjoy my fruits of labour and not bask under the illusion of being on a higher plane of existence by the virtue of having put my best foot forward. Strength will come, as will the energy to carry forward the fight, but for all to be in place, I need to discipline myself. Let the learning begin here and now.