Newsrooms can often turn into an arena for journalists as emotions always run high. Reporters consider themselves as the sole repository of fact and truth, while desk persons believe in their invincibility and breadth of knowledge. It's like an unstoppable force moving towards an immovable object; no one can predict how it will pan out.

Today a reporter and a desk person nearly came to blows and matters had to be dealt by top hierarchy. The issue as well as the solution is not known, but it was an outrageous display of immaturity and a sorry advertisement of the profession. The last time I saw a fight was in the office when two senior persons fought it out over some misleading words. The end was not good, as one of the fighters lost his job. I remember a conversation I had with the Editor soon after the incident. The Editor was hurt as to why people were emotionally volatile such that they did not even thought it fit to consider the sanctity of the office. What he said was completely true as such behaviours display our animal instincts, and we as a civilised people ought to know better and definitely behave so, as any recourse to violence serves as an example of our collective shortcomings in building a society. I have been violent in the past, but at that time I did not know any better. As a society, a collective common, we have other ways of sorting out issues than entering the ring and unleashing the animal inside us.

Named the puppy Duke. He is so tiny that he could fit into my palm, and yet there would be ample real estate left. The tiny fellow is already become chums with Caesar, who has made it a point to hydrate him properly by applying a thick coat of saliva on Duke. The other day, when I returned after buying a pack of milk for the tiny fellows, he was dripping saliva from the whole body. I had to put him under tap to wash out the sticky concoction. Anyway, Duke has already started jumping around and is not showing any signs of anxiety, which is a very positive sign. Had been feeding him milk and rice, but saw him snatching a piece of chicken out of Caesar's plate and trying to tear it. Shows that the young fellow is meat ready. Many people ask me whether feeding meat to dog would turn them into a nasty and aggressive animal. I just don’t know why such questions are asked as dogs are carnivores and any vegetarian food we feed them only is junk.

Anyway, I have an assignment to complete tomorrow. I have been selected by the International News Edit team to execute a small work. Though not a well rewarding job, it’s worth it because it brings experience to my resume. If this clicks, I’m sure that more doors would open and I shall be ready to embark on my freelance journey. I think there would be no movie or book for me for a while. I had bought quite a few books with a grand plan of reading them all by the end of year. I think it can wait. Some plans ought to be shelved for the sheer intensity of other pressing tasks. I envisage a day when I shall be free of all corporate attachments and be a free bird, out of the mad rush and rat race that marks the world we live in. Till then, it is burning midnight oil.