Caesar is a cool customer. He seldom reacts to the barking mad dogs that surround him on his strolls. He looks at them with an intelligent resignation as if making them, through canine telepathy, understand the futility of wasting breath on a saintly furry mate.

Dogs are great friends, and it's not without reason that they say all dogs go to heaven. Brother is going to America and I'm a bit worried. When I embark on my graveyard shift, I take heart from the fact that brother would return home and Caesar won't be alone for long. However, with brother going to the US, I fear that Caesar might suffer from bout of depression as there would be nobody at home for a long period. Given the character he is, loneliness would bring out the devil inside him. I was searching for a native breed for long, but as matters stand, there is no breeder of repute rearing Kombai, an Indian mastiff. If push comes to shove, I'll go for a Labrador or a German Shepherd. However, it takes a lot of research to make sure that the pups don't come from the notorious mills.

Was busy throughout the day. Had to arrange money for my friend's sister's marriage. I managed to get hold of money, but servers across banks were down, leading to money transfer being rendered impossible. I wanted to attend the marriage; I've known the girl since she was a child. However, as they say, man proposes, god disposes. My brother was selected for a US trip around the same time. Hence, no trip to Bihar for the ceremony. Another thing of interest that transpired was that I got an offer from a editing company to work from home. However, the package they were offering, coupled with the timing they suggested, made it an offer well worth declining. My rationale was simple: if I have to quit my current job to work from home, the compensation at least has to be at par with what I am drawing right now. Moreover, I really don't intend to quit my newspaper job right now and take a plunge into the freelance world. I want to run gigs along with a stable job. I have invested over six years of my life to gain skills as a journalist, and I don't want it to be mortgaged for the comforts of home.

Read a nasty piece of news. One female Parliamentarian claimed that the abominable system of casting couch existed in political world as well. The issue was not her claims, but the situation and the context they were made in. A well-known politician, this woman kept quiet for so long that even her coming out in the open, a tad too late in the day, seemed a calculated political move, aimed at milking the women empowerment narrative in vogue these days. I think the trigger was a film industry veteran saying Indian tinsel town was better than the Hollywood, as those abusing women here did not leave them, but made stars out of them. A sad and a rather distasteful take on the happenings behind the silver screen. Anyway, it makes little sense to dwell upon these details as none of it matters in the long run. The collective conscience is presently invested in this narrative, which could shift anytime. The short attention and retention spans of the people would ensure that even the most murky details are brushed under the carpet when a new sordid story breaks out. So much for being there for each other.

Need to revise my resume by adding newer skills. It's high time I became tech savvy as living under the rock is not doing my prospects any good. I am using computers even at home now, and that's a big leap for me. Social media is another treasure trove that I have to learn to tap. My interaction with the virtual world, much like mine with the physical one, has been minimal. I need to change much about the way I perceive the world, for it's more dynamic now than it was around 10 years ago. So much to do...