Finally watched Padmavat. Not that I wanted to but I had nothing better to do. Now, I don't understand what the hype surrounding the movie was. The plot was shabby, the screenplay sorry and subject shoddy.

If anything, the protests centred around the movie should instead have focused on arm twisting the director into repaying the ticket fare for subjecting hapless audience to a less than middling show. Can't say what promoted the flurry of protests, as there was no matter in the movie worthy of that kind of attention. Five states burnt and prime time television coverage was given to the protesters, most of whom could not pinpoint the exact era the dramatis personae existed in. Be that as it may, I have seen people's sensitivity get hurt for less than this provocation. Anyway, throughout the experience, I was recalling the sequences in Orlando Bloom's Kingdom of Heaven. While Sanjay Leela Bhansali relies more on opulence than substance, Kingdom of Heaven is a sad story of how religion tears apart the lives of even those not throwing their lot in the war for spiritual supremacy. Bhansali has this knack of creating larger than life sets, strewn with impossible characters and extravagant stories. Such has been the plight of period flicks in India that more than palace intrigues and the key points in history, directors have always focused on love stories, as if they were the making and the undoing of civilisations. The sensibilities of the commoners have been so tempered by the middling production over the years that those guilty of such infraction take cover behind the claims that in India, only formulae click. The sweeping generalisation is occasioned by their own incapacity to work wonders with great stories.

Kingdom of Heaven, though not exactly epic, was a movie that showed the travails of being an incidental witness to the great fight between ideologies. It's the ideologies that determine how civilisations pan out and how future considers past. When I talk of the convergence between past and future, I'm reminded of the present happenings in the seat of highest judicial power. Notice for impeachment motion against the incumbent Chief Justice was dismissed by the Vice President today. However, it's an indictment of the efficacy of judiciary, which takes pride in being above the petty politics and ideological fights, that senior judges and politicians are united in opposition to the Chief Justice, whose work ethics and leanings have been called into question. It's a crisis on the boil, threatening to spill out of the corridors of justice into the sphere of public, whose confidence and unshakeable belief in the sceptre of right is swaying. When history is written and students hundreds of years hence take it upon themselves to dissect the intrigues and conspiracies, would they be lenient and patient with those twisting the fabric of rationality today to suit their myopic ideals?

Had a mini beer party after work with friends. It was a cheap brew, with a nauseating aftertaste. Wish I had not drunk. However, the best part was the conversation the cheap brew triggered. We all focused on various aspects of our own personalities and tried to iron out the wrinkles in the manner we behaved. Some conversations have the ability of shaking our beliefs and dismantling the facade of normalcy we call routine. Most people walk out of life awaiting that one moment of earth-shattering and life-changing spark, forgetting that all support system has already been installed in us. The only thing needed is typing in the right set of keywords to open the programme to reboot our lives. That thou art, has a new meaning from Now on.