Went with friends to get a puppy. After much searching, located a reputable breeder and landed at his doorsteps. The intention was to get a pup for the boys, but ended up adopting two. Both of us walked home with Dobermanns.

It was a funny experience. I just wanted to accompany the boys, who were excited to get their first pup. We snaked our way through narrow streets, getting lost many a time in the bargain, before reaching the place. The breeder brought out two pups, and I lost all restraint and bought one for me as well. Both are tiny fellows, hardly 40 days old. Caesar was pretty thrilled. He licked the young one clean and I had to physically separate them so that the young fellow could sleep for a brief while after so much attention. Named him Duke after my favourite bike. God willing, he will be as crazy as the Orange Hooligan is. I love Dobermans; my first pet was a Doberman. Ever since I lost him to a hit-and-run lorry accident, I wanted to own another one, but couldn’t owing to many reasons.

Was sleepy throughout the day. Couldn’t sleep in the night properly owing to a couple of test assignments for a freelance contract. The good news is that I bagged the contract. It’s not a big deal, but a start nevertheless. The money is paltry, but I’m banking more on the experience it would deliver than the pecuniary advantages. If this pans out well, a couple of similar gigs would empower me to break the shackles of corporate dependence and pursue a course of life, which could be both independent and rewarding. Be that as it may, the more immediate and important problem is sleep. Night was lost to contract hunt, while the day was lost to puppy hunt. Can’t sleep like a log, for I have to start the assignment tomorrow. Oh god.

Today was my friend's sister's marriage. I really wanted to attend It, but brother’s departure to America forced my hand to take the decision of not attending it. It a funny thing to notice how fast kids grow up. I remember her being a child, silly and immature, and of a sudden she’s going to be the lordess of a household. It’s quite difficult to explain. Though I don’t like to attend marriages, as oldtimers milk the opportunity to remind bachelors like me what we are missing by evading the knot. They believe that they have figured out life and it comprises studying, landing a job, marrying and making babies. Though it’s an important societal function, it is not the only concern of some people like me. Anyway, it’s time I tried sleeping. Big day tomorrow.