How do you start a day that does not look promising? You just plough into it as you would any other day and make it click. Given the amount of atrocities the world perpetrates on us, both overtly and covertly, it's a surprise that natural death occurs to most of us.

Yeah, I'm getting morbid for no particular reason. Maybe I'm getting old and age is finally catching up with senile and imbecile thoughts. Be that as it may, I am beginning to plan for my retirement. The trigger was the traffic jam I suffered on the way to work. While getting roasted under the scorching summer sun, I saw two cars - one a Mustang and other a top-trim Mercedes - pull up beside me. Two young kids were behind the wheels. One was wearing a Baume et Mercier.

Watching them made me feel guilty. There they were in the best cars money could buy and there I was on my budget bike. They definitely looked younger than I. I began questioning the fairness with which the gods run their show. Some people either strike gold or are born with the said metal spoon in their mouths. And here I was, of little means and sparse prospects. That's when the balm-for-fools line occurred. No matter how rich or poor, all meet the same end. The losers' solace seemed to work for a little while and I nearly forgot the spectacle till I was riding back home after work. Long rides have a way of making you recollect your entire day in vivid detail. You have nothing else to do as the road is bereft of any living soul and you are left to your own devices.

During the ride I began thinking of the great leveler and questioned the manager up above the world so high whether he had any stroke of luck planned for me. When no convincing answer came from that end, I began thinking about the boys behind the wheels. Maybe they were born into uber-rich families. Maybe their parents were too rich to think about the cost of the mean machines they were buying their kids. Then it struck me that to even have that kind of money percolate through generations, one had to be enterprising. The person who would have sown the seeds of prosperity would have begun much like me, with nothing noteworthy. They might have struggled and moved up in life by the dint of their courage and steadfast faith in their abilities.

I was no longer searching for solace. I wanted action. That's when I decided that I have been in my comfort zone for far too long than I could care for. I needed some revolution in my life. A sort of gamble, such that when I set out prospecting, I either strike gold or perish while trying something great. Money is power. It makes you sexy and desirable. Without it, your intellect, your thoughts, charisma and character amount to nothing. Certain decision have been taken and it's high time that I staked claim to what is mine.

Returned home and was not in a position to undertake any arduous work, so skipped on reading and movie parts. Had a very dreary day at office as well. There were two packages to be done. One was about the audio clip of an assistant professor who solicited students to offer certain favours for career advancement while the other was about a clutch of paedophilia cases. Both the events were nauseating and I was left wondering whether those who say that constant proximity to such filth immunes you to stench were right? I couldn't subscribe to this line of thought as I felt repulsed and horrified that on one hand some unscrupulous entities were turning the corridors of higher learning into brothels while some others were blurring the line between humans and beasts. Such is the call of duty that you have to be merciless in seeking details and remorseless in asking them. So much for journalism.