Dead tired. Went without sleep for 48 hours straight. There was a conference at workplace about cultural transformation. The organisers want to link our personal goals to company's and intend to chart a course that is mutually beneficial.

While I feel that the intention behind the drive is good, I think the approach is wrong. They want to tune each one of us to the same frequency, assuming that we all are on the same wavelength. However, they are not taking into account the individual angle. I personally feel that they are trying to replace the crowd mentality with herd mentality by nipping the personal belief system of individuals. This is governance at micro level. A microcosm of government-individual relationship. While governments harp on being the custodians of individual liberties, they take the liberty of curtailing individualistic trend for greater good by imposing arbitrary restrictions. We succumb to the narrative of greater good and mortgage our freedom to enjoy the benefits of community life.

The meeting spanned three hours and after that I had no heart to partake in lunch. Don't think I would be able to read anything tonight. TV channels are going hammer and tongs about two rape incidents that rocked the nation the past week. In the first case, an eight-year-old was gang-raped and murdered, sparking a wave of outrage. However, there are certain sections hellbent on giving the entire saga a communal hue, twisting the fabric of truth and rationality to present their myopic viewpoint of the world. The second was the rape claims made by a teenager, who alleged that a legislator had outraged her modesty. No sooner had the claims been made than police swung into action and took her father into custody for reasons best known to them. The man soon died in custody. So much for law and order.

Amid the cacophony of the selective outrage and keyboard activism, the question of where we, as a collective common, were headed was lost. Again, the perils of global village and shrinking world are laid bare by these developments. As the world shrinks, it is expected of the individual to have an opinion on all issues and take a stand. No person is supposed to be neutral, which is deemed harmful to the society. All catchy slogans and fancy activism are gaining traction and people are hard pressed to find time for themselves or gather their thoughts to form an intelligent opinion. The din they live in ensures that their allegiances to whatever cause has to be swift and temperamental. Sanity is not a trait worth pursuing.

Anyway, when you live in a society, these are the perils that you cannot discount. You have to be part of the crowd, for lone wolves are frowned upon. Conformity is the new religion and anyone defying the status quo is a deemed a threat to the collective common. On this negative note, I think I should retire for the night. Maybe, as people before me hoped, there's light at the end of the tunnel and who knows what wonders tomorrow has in store for us.