Social media have taken the world by storm. It's not a recent development but for a man like me, coming from hinterland, this is a phenomenon worth recording.

Maybe years from now, when not even my ashes remain, somebody would look at these writings and figure out that even in the past there were people out-of-sync with modernity. I do get a feeling that at 29, I'm way to old to be in this young world. Things happen fast, reactions are swift and assessment prompt. Nobody bothers to understand the difference between reaction and response. There is seldom any temperance visible as most rely on catchy phrases and questionable images to formulate judgment. People seldom seem to discriminate between information and rumours. Everyone is after their moment under the sun and sermonising and admonition is only a click away. I remember an age, no long bygone, when people relied on multiple sources to form an opinion after a painstaking research. However, these days opinions are served on a silver platter, seeking your response to it in objective-type yes or no. Maybe, I'm being sentimental but this sort of either-you-are-with-me-or-against argument fails to cut ice with me. I would rather form an opinion after a lifelong deliberation than jump to conclusion even before facts are laid out.

Rebecca is turning out to be a pageturner. The more I get into the plot, the more intrigued I am by the working of a human brain. Jealousy, hatred and love are all conjured in the space behind the eyes and go on to define our lives. It's as if the entire purpose of our existence hinges on the emotions manufactured in our heads and response to our own creations. Rebecca is more of a question than a book and the answer lies within ourselves. What we are is a culmination of our responses to stimuli generated by our brains. A few weeks ago I saw a documentary that stated our mind created anxiety to prepare us for any eventuality. Anxiety is conjured up when we live in the relative safety of our communities and there is no immediate threat. Under such idyllic conditions, brain decides to create an alternative reality that would propel us into action. This reality is anxiety and our response to it determines the course of our lives. Sound farfetched but is very much real.

Again apart from candlelight march and usual round of protests nothing concrete materialised. Yeah, a little-known, fringe singer was arrested for singing a song that hurt the pride of the followers of our Prime Minister. I think he was the same man arrested earlier for penning a song against Jayalalithaa. Sounds odd that when white-collar criminals breeze past law enforcement officials with public money, small fries like the singer get caught in the net. Law, it seems, is not equal for everybody.