Man proposes mind disposes. There's no other way of surmising the daily struggle mind undergoes of its own accord.

The numerous thoughts it harbours and the innumerable resolutions it manages to pass have no bearing on the eventual events. The greatest trick the world pulled on the individual was making him believe he could achieve anything. By doing this, it bequeathed to him a legacy of underachievement. By making the man believe that anything under the sun was his, it bestowed upon him the burden of guilt of having squandered away his talents. When individuals join to form a collective, individuality is mortgaged for perpetuity and this is what society aims at.

Prime Minister was in town, launching a defence expo. His pet "Make in India" scheme saw participation of foreign companies, showcasing various state-of-the-art defence equipment. I find it odd that foreign companies promise to fortify India's defence sector. Would it not be at variance with their own national interests? Would not making another country strong with their technical advancements and achievements threaten their own native? Does it not stand to reason that such companies would offload older technology in India and try to clear stock of old weaponry while confining the best for their own countries. What do I know? Mandarins would have found some solution to this, I hope.

I wonder what would it be like to be a Prime Minister. The Prime Minister was given a lukewarm welcome and even shown black flags across the region for his government's inaction in constituting a monitoring board to oversee water allocation between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. However, his speech was replete with reference to the government's efforts to strengthen the federal structure of the constitution. This reminds me of the trouble brewing in the Supreme Court. The judges are not seeing eye-to-eye on matters of national interests and seem to be party to a power struggle that augurs ill for the country.

Nothing momentous in my life insofar as events of importance are considered. Eat, love and pay bills seems to the only course charted by the hand that penned my fate. Have started reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Have only begun, so cannot jump to any sort of conclusion. The book seems eerie and gothic though. Watched a nice movie: The Defiant Ones. The plot details the escape and further adventures of two convicts. The protagonists don't like each other and are of different racial origins. However, they are tethered together by a shackle and have little option other than sticking together. It was a fantastic insight into the racially charged America of yore and how prejudices affect human relations.

Should retire for the night, I suppose. Watch a movie as usual and with a book by bedside. However, sleep seems to be elusive when you want it the most.