Am on the search for a Kombai dog. Heard it shares traits with Rottweiler. He will be a good companion to Caesar, who might sometimes feel lonely as most dogs avoid him owing to his size and menacing looks.

Caesar is a perfect example of how looks can be deceiving. A noble representative of a gentler breed could not be found. However, news outlets and public with little knowledge of the breed have gone hammer and tongs against it. I think it has to do something with the Omen franchise, in which these dogs were seen to be siding with the devil. Though headstrong and obstinate, these dogs make for a wonderful companion. The only problem I have found with Ceasar is that he happens to be a glutton, who would eat rubber with same relish as he would a chicken.

Political parties and civilians took out processions through the city roads against the Central government for delaying the formation of Cauvery Management Board in accordance with the Supreme Court verdict. While the Centre had been dragging its feet to somehow delay the mechanism till such a time that the Assembly election in Karnataka were held, the Supreme Court set a May 12 deadline to dismantle its plans. The protesters managed to reach the Chepauk Stadium with every intention of  obstructing the cricketing circus there, proactive policemen stopped them in their tracks with an efficiency nobody could have accused them of earlier. The tragedy of this state is that no government at Centre wants to hear its concerns.

Protests have a strange way of satiating both the aggrieved and the aggressor. While the aggrieved takes heart in the fact that he did something against a powerful enemy while the aggressor basks in the glory of not having to cede an inch. Both stand correct on their turfs but nobody's delusion stands corrected. The delusion of freedom and the illusion of power combine together to give a grand spectacle where status quo is the only takeaway. Who knows when the season of protests would end? Till such a time, it's snail's pace on the streets.

Finished 93. A wonderful book. Till a week ago I wasn't even aware that such a book existed and now I just cannot get my mind off the wonder that I lived for seven whole days. There are books that churn your thoughts and then there are books that transform your thought process. 93 has been one such book. The last time I felt the same way was when I was reading Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy. The other day I was wondering whether to read Mahfouz or Eco but now I'm decided that it has to be The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I know it is going to be one unforgettable peek into France that Hugo created through his vivid and fertile imagination.

Won't watch a movie tonight. After 93, I need sometime to let the magnitude of excellence sink in. Feel like watching It Happened One Night again but it can wait. If ever there was a time when a man needed drinks, it is now. However, my stock is over and it never occurred to me to replenish it. Next month perhaps I would go to the city and do something about it. Now off to sleep.