There was a time when I used to think that the world comprised only predators and preys; I am long past that ignorant hypothesis. Things have changed; now I am among people who also had the same misconception and are comfortably placed with people like me.

I am not being magnanimous or lenient in my assessment. While the world has more than its fair share of people with predatorial instincts, there are a select few that wants no truck with such people. All they care for is good food, excellent liquour, exemplary movies and great books to get by. I sometimes feel a tinge of pride for having such people as my friends. One of such friends is Alan. I met him around two years ago when he joined Express as a junior. I was his mentor and found him to be lacking in any kind of editorial skills. I was wrong. At that time I was this sore and lonely senior, looking at people with a glass tinted with bias and prejudice. Had I recognised Alan for the person he was, I could have saved him a horrid time. However, it took the arrival of two other persons for me to realise what a nice man Alan was. A gentle soul, who cannot even shout back even if wronged against. I was speaking with the other two above-mentioned persons about movies, when Alan walked into our conversation. The decent man he is, he did not barge in, but patiently listened to me as I went on about Kurosawa, Ray and Renoir. It was after two-three days that he chanced upon me and told how nice it was to hear people talk about his first love: movies.

Alan's grandfather was a producer of repute. By Alan's count, the old gentleman produced nine movies, and one even won a National Award. Alan wants to direct a movie of his own, in the sense he would write the screenplay, dialogues and select actors to gel well with his movie. He is well-read and I would not be surprised if he manages to pull this job off and even garner critical acclaim. Any conversation with him nowadays hinges on movies, stories and more stories. I have never thought of directing a movie. Finance, as always, is one of the grey areas; just one of the many. Moreover, I have never given this form of art any serious consideration apart from enjoying the works of great masters. The other day we were having a conversation about actually directing a movie and he entrusted me with writing the screenplay for it. After much deliberation, we decided upon A Doll's House by Ibsen. While the drama itself is a revelation, I wonder whether anybody would be able to do justice to the play by adapting it for screen. Not that we have our finances in order, we wish to complete the arduous task of finishing the preliminary works before embarking on another one.

Returned home to a poop-filled and urine-reeking chamber. Duke and Caesar went out of their way to pollute the house with their excrements. Spent the better part of the night cleaning up after them. To think that I had grand plans of watching a movie or reading a book. It's been a long time since I read a book or watched a movie. Duke and Ceasar claim a fair chunk of my time, followed by mother. Of late, I was a bit irritable and on the edge due to sleep deprivation. How I managed to overlook the mistakes committed by juniors without raising my voice is something I would never know. Somehow I managed to scrape by. However, last night was wonderful. Slept to my heart's content and woke up pretty late in the afternoon. Thank god I had stock of food for canines and humans. Anyway, it's getting pretty late and I think I should retire for the night. I have already prepared a list of topics on which to write. Hope I get the time.