Tomorrow I’m going puppy hunting. This one’s not for me, but for my young friends, who think that only the pitter-patter of small feet would bring an element of discipline into their lives.

I called up a few breeders earlier in the day and all promised moon, before their claims fizzled out in the face of sustained questioning. Some were dodgy and some imposters, trying to earn a quick buck by sending us on a wild goose chase. I thought of talking to the one who gave me Caesar, but he is high-end, meaning not pocket friendly. Anyway, I, after much research, have zeroed-in on Adyar Kennels, which seems to be reputable. More than anything, it’s the excitement the kids have about getting to bring up a puppy home that warmed my heart. One even went to the electronics department to get an empty carton to confine the prospective young rascal. My experience tells me that they would be better off with a Labrador than with any other breed. Given that the two of them are the most warm and happy-go-lucky type persons I’ve ever laid eyes on, I think a Labrador with its gentle demeanour and loving nature would complement them.

It was utter mayhem at office today. I had to manage two centres, four editions singlehandedly and simultaneously. Somehow, I managed. However, by the end of the night, I was more tired than a dog. Staff shortage and crunch situations bring out the best in me. However, my experience tells me that such glories have short shelf life and are not viable in the long run. This is more like burning candles at both ends. The glow is superb, but the candle burns out twice as quickly. Maybe it was my haggard look and harassed countenance that made a senior take pity on me and offer advice as to how to lead a life of discipline and control. Nevertheless, it was a memorable night.

Watched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly again. After Lawrence of Arabia, if there’s a movie that can stake claim to the top spot on the list of my personal favourites, it’s this movie. The was envisioned as the last part of the Man Without a Name trilogy, and is by far the best. I won’t write about plot, themes and inspiration as it robs the pleasure out of writing a review. While Clint Eastwood played the chief protagonist, Eli Wallach that was the life of the movie. Many years ago, I learnt that the first part of the Dollar trilogy, Fistful of Dollars, was heavily inspired by Kurosawa's Yojimbo, again that’s for another post.

Anyway, I’m dead tired and think that a good night’s rest would do a world of wonder for me. Will definitely write a review this week.