Scriptures have been burnt and the high priests banished. What's left of the erstwhile collective imposition of mass frenzy is just a facsimile imprint. Nevertheless, the dying embers are still getting stoked and the sparks are licking the already-strained fabric of our society.

Communal passions are so easily ignited. The nation is torn between what structure should come at a disputed site and which god should be accorded precedence. Another clutch of high priests relying on another scripture are racking their brains to arrive at a solution. The nation waits with bated breath. Useless to dwell upon these thoughts. Ever since my life was reduced a 12-digit number, I am wary of making any comments against the government. What if they somehow link it to my credit score and I don't get any loans in future?

Couldn't sleep properly despite trying. Maybe, a movie based on a sorry story had something to do with it. Hugo was getting really interesting when a droopy-eyed me thought to retire for the night with a movie playing on the big screen. A mistake. The first one was a Japanese movie: The Immortal Blade. At one point I started thinking that much like the surreal protagonist in the movie, there would be no end to the proceedings. Relief came in the form of noir flick of Humphrey Bogart: Key Largo. Apart from high class acting, the film's dialogues were a mighty takeaway. "It's better to live like a coward than to die like a hero". A nice summing up of the turbulent times we live in and a panacea to the moral dilemma.

I wonder whether there is anything worth dying for? The limited time we get to spend on our earthly abode is fraught with challenges and if we are ready to vacate the premises of our own accord for some lofty ideal, does it not militate against the laws of evolution? Does it not place us at variance with the canons of empirical wisdom? Maybe heroes are people with flawed perception of reality or like someone once aptly said: It's easy to die for your principles than to live up to them. Makes little sense to sacrifice something that in essence is fleeting. However, the counter argument suggested by brain is when it's temporal, why hesitate.

Enough. What's there to discuss about other than philosophy and politics? Food. Yes food. A nice topic. Ever since I switched to pure vegetarian and largely raw food, I somehow feel light. The waistline has contracted without much physical exertion and even thoughts have become positive. Seems like the control is in my hands. Never felt like this before. Another dictum that has stood me in good stead is: if you can't eat it raw, don't eat it at all. Maybe, food has a direct bearing on our thoughts and psyche. Had a scrumptious salad and two tumblers of juice, freshly made.

My god, how mind meanders. Here I was planning on jotting down the daily happenings and suddenly I embark on a philosophical discourse on a litany of thoughts. Taking Caesar for a walk has become a pleasure exercise these days. Returning home at ungodly hours after a graveyard shift, I have precious little to look forward to. Caesar, a veritable bundle of energy, makes the toil worthwhile. Such undiluted and selfless love the rascal manages to summon. Walking him in the dead of the night somehow soothes me. As if all the worldly pressure ceases to exist for a brief while when we two walk. It's a silent communication between us. He never barks. I never talk. Yet how well we gel. He used to fit in my palm and now he stronger than I'm.

A weekly off with no news or TV. Seems odd, given that I'm 24/7 inundated by news. A day off is a bliss. Away from the cacophony and stress of the newsroom. No editing today. Thank God for small mercies.