Sounds juvenile to start a journal at the threshold of middle age. However, no matter how simple a life be, the ebb and flow ought to be recorded for others to take cue from.

Is that not what historians of yore aimed to accomplish? Have not their summaries and surmises stood in good stead for us? What are events of today but lessons for tomorrow. Notwithstanding the caricature of humanity a common man has become, it is worthwhile to record his lofty ideals and base realities than to assume wrongly, as we do now, that old, indeed, is gold.

Apart from the usual bloodshed and new scams unearthed, nothing momentous transpired today. People bayed for each others' blood and there was usual passing the buck over matters of greater interest. All in all, it was a normal day. It somehow interests me that people are more concerned with things beyond their control and impact than their immediate sphere of influence: themselves.

Anyway, it is a matter of philosophical deliberation and I'm not in the right frame of mind to undertake a task of such mammoth proportions. Watched a movie: Witness. Harrison Ford did not fail to disappoint with this less-than-middling fare. The film began on a promising note before fizzling out. The location was breathtaking. It came as a surprise to learn about a community - Amish - that scoffs at modern appendages and holds close to heart community values. I will have to attempt a detailed review, maybe it will help posterity steer clear of the black hole that devoured two precious hours of my life. Nevertheless, it was better than Indiana Jones franchise, wherein it is difficult to ascertain whether the director went overboard or was plainly bored.

Had a tough day at work. Returned home to furry love and delight. Have picked up Hugo's 93. Hugo has a great sense of timing. He builds up on a theme and weaves it majestically to the plot and then with a surprise twist presents the denouement. First came across him through Les Misrables and have ever since been an admirer. He has a knack of being an academician, a raconteur and a guide at the same time. Have not ploughed through the tome but what little progress I have made seems to suggest that I am in for a literary treat. Loved the part, in which a sailor, whose mistake led to a catastrophe, was deservingly rewarded and justly punished.

It's getting pretty late. I'd better catch a few winks before the orange orb rises on the horizon. A relief it has been to talk to somebody. Night shift and the apparent lack of a social life can at times turn dreary. Hopefully, relief is at hand.