I now know what it must feel like to be the UN. Mediating territorial disputes using diplomacy, bribe and tact has become a part of my daily routine.

Duke and Caesar get along fine as long as the matters concern destroying sundries, but when it comes to sharing space, it’s a different ball game altogether. The little fellow is more often than not the aggressor, wanting to establish his authority, while Caesar plays the big brother. The pair of them already into a healthy competition, which, in essence, translates into trouble for me. They have started pestering, biting and hurting me together.

Brother reached Hong Kong. He is a peculiar character. He was neither happy nor worried over the trip abroad; he just wanted to get it done with. Don’t blame him as well, for its not a vacation. It’s been a long time since I took any vacation; the last pleasure trip I embarked on was in 2012. What memories! Doesn’t mean I did not take any break in between, but those were either limited to a visit to the hometown. The 2012 trip was an unforgettable one. It spanned several states, and was a hamper of multiple experiences, both good and bad. Shortly after returning from the trip, I went to Bengaluru to attend the Indian Army interview, which again was replete with experience both impressionable and unforgettable. Later, the same year, I landed my first job, which I currently hold. Ever since joining Express, I don’t remember a break I took to replenish my juices drained by the daily ordeal. However, if things pan out well, I would be able to satiate the wanderlust of mine.

Want to embark on a movie-watching spree. Right from Kurosawa classics to Anurag Kashyap movies. Whenever I talk about movies, Satyajit Ray shines out like the Pole Star, guiding my pursuits towards the right destination. He was a wonderful, multifaceted and talented art doyen. I once watched his movie Aagantuk, an Utpal Dutt starrer. The dialogues were laced with deep meanings and the plot was straight out of some deep psychology manual, dissecting the conflicting emotions with panache and nuance. Utpal Dutt was an actor, who never got his due in India. Were he a part of some prestigious troupe across the English Channel, he would have been taken out on a victory procession every time his movies hit the screens. He’s an actor I want to do a detailed story on. Need to maintain a notebook, wherein in jot down all plans for write-ups or else like all great ideas I had before, these too shall not get to see the light of the day.

Had a very ordinary leave day. Woke up late; reasons range from mediating canine territorial disputes to looking after mother. Anyway, woke up late and was groggy throughout. Ever since the sunstroke episode, I have not been able to regain my former energy and zest. Moreover, Dog Days have started here, which means the mornings are hot, the afternoons hottest and the nights hotter. It’s nigh impossible to step out, much less go out to execute chores. Caesar and Duke are also quite affected; they pant throughout the day and have turned into water guzzlers.

Brother won’t be here for a month and once he returns he would be living out of his bag, as his employers want him to undertake global trips to maintain or build, whichever the case be, client relations. This global trip reminds me of Mr Mathrubhootam, who is on a considerably delayed honeymoon. His write-ups, though not exactly great English, have this uncanny knack of evoking laughter. Presently, he claims, he’s in Singapore, where to his misfortune he has met a nephew, who is in the mould of his son. Mr Mathrubhootam is in mortal fear of his son opening his mouth and this nephew defeats his purpose of escaping India and his son. Well, I expect great reports of misadventures from Mr Mathrubhootam in future. This reminds me, I used to write similar reports in the starting stage of my career. However, the response was lukewarm as I neither was an established player nor an old-timer nearing finish line. So either way my seniors did not see it fit to encourage me.

Anyway, need to watch a few movies and read a few books. There’s a thought at the back of my mind that I should pursue my Masters in English Literature. It’s not a matured idea as of now as there are various factors to be considered before taking a decision of such magnitude. Literature has always had my complete and undiluted attention as I always maintain that one lifetime is insufficient to enjoy so varied and diverse experiences, so one has to rely on others’ sufferings rather than reinventing the wheel of psychological pursuit and eventual insight. Anyway, it’s getting late and tomorrow I have office. So Tata